Aliens on Moonshine Raw CO2 Oil Cartridge

By: Cascade Gnome

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Aliens On Moonshine by Sin City Seeds is a potent CBD-rich


phenotype of The Cali Connection’s Sour Alien crossed with White Moonshine. This indica-dominant strain emits a funky aroma that is a clashing of sour, sweet, and chemicals.


Farm Information: Cascade Gnome is an organic cannabis producer in Central Washread more...

ington. Our plants are grown in living soil. If the soil becomes a micro-ecosystem, it feeds the plant and keeps it happy. Happy plants produce healthy, tasty, enlivened flowers. Though our gardeners are versed in all common grow methodologies, we believe that true organic gardening produces better flowers. You will marvel at the taste spectrum and depth, smoothness, and clean, outstanding effects our cannabis possesses. Stronger terpene profiles produced by organic gardening encourage the "entourage effect" providing added dimension to each strain's various effects. There is no nutrient-goo for our plants. Our nutrients do not come in flavors. We build our soil on-site, adding things like "alfalfa" and "corn" to actual dirt. Since we cultivate life within the dirt, use of any kind of systemic pesticide would destroy the very life we endeavor to promote with our gardening methods. Find out what cannabis can be!​

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Not your typical high - more entourage effect than THC high. Gave me a slight terpene or maybe cvs induced amnesia. Fun tho.

Published 9 months ago by Jacob

Published 6 months ago by Estefania

Published 6 months ago by Estefania

Published 29 days ago by Solomon