Aliens on Moonshine

By: Cascade Gnome

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Product Information: Aliens on Moonshine was gifted to us by an amigo. Created byread more...

Sin City Seeds, this limited release strain was bred to be a high THC monster. Most phenotypes are, with its Sour Alien x WhiteMoonshine genetic heritage. Our pheno, however, is the outlier expressing hidden CBD genetics. Extremely high levels of Myrcene abound with a strain that has tested at over 5% terpenes on multiple occasions. Sativa Dominant – Complex flavor, smells of candy, funk, and sour mash. With a 1:2 THC:CBD ratio. ---

Farm Information: Cascade Gnome is an organic cannabis producer in Central Washread more...ington. Our plants are grown in living soil. If the soil becomes a micro-ecosystem, it feeds the plant and keeps it happy. Happy plants produce healthy, tasty, enlivened flowers. Though our gardeners are versed in all common grow methodologies, we believe that true organic gardening produces better flowers. You will marvel at the taste spectrum and depth, smoothness, and clean, outstanding effects our cannabis possesses. Stronger terpene profiles produced by organic gardening encourage the "entourage effect" providing added dimension to each strain's various effects. There is no nutrient-goo for our plants. Our nutrients do not come in flavors. We build our soil on-site, adding things like "alfalfa" and "corn" to actual dirt. Since we cultivate life within the dirt, use of any kind of systemic pesticide would destroy the very life we endeavor to promote with our gardening methods. Find out what cannabis can be!​

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Published over 1 year ago by Zach

Need a CBD pick me up? Cascade Gnome has your back with this 1:2 (THC:CBD) flower.

Published over 1 year ago by Zachary

Cbd dominant

Published over 1 year ago by Isaac

Published over 1 year ago by Savannah

Published over 1 year ago by Dennis

Published over 1 year ago by David

Top notch CBD strain with no anxiety

Published over 1 year ago by Jack

Published over 1 year ago by Charlotte

Definitely has an astringency that hits on the palate. Very smooth effects and great relaxation strain.

Published over 1 year ago by Kevin

Published over 1 year ago by Patrick