Amsterdam Haze

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A cannabis strain with a name like this has a lot to live read more...

up to. Luckily, Amsterdam Haze doesn’t disappoint…not even a bit. There was a very ambitious plan in the minds of the Dutch geniuses that came up with Amsterdam Haze. Basically, they wanted to bring Indica flowering times over to a Sativa strain that could also be relied upon for powerful buds and superb yields. The result was and is Amsterdam Haze – a low-CBD, high-THC strain that delivers a uniquely uplifting and ‘sparkly’ cerebral buzz.

Top Terpenes: b-Caryophyllene Ocimene Limonene

Farm Information: The cultivation of cannabis is an art form much like brewing read more...the perfect beer or cup of coffee. When it comes to cannabis a few things stand out above the rest, environment, nutrients, genetics, and processing. Our facility was designed to have complete control over its internal environment. This allows us to create perfect growing conditions. We went through a 12 month process to bring you one of the few fully permitted and licensed grow facilities in the state.

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