Black Sparrow Live Resin PAX Pod

By: Dabstract

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Product Information: Total Terps: 10.35% b-Myrcene: 4.30% D-Limonene: 1.84% B-Cread more...

arophyllene: 1.03% Nerolidol: 0.51%

Farm Information: Quality starts at square one: we work only with farms that usread more...e clean and sustainable cultivation practices. We carry that quality into our manufacturing, assuring our oils have nothing unwanted, testing to 0 PPM of residual solvents. We take the necessary steps throughout our process so our results are nothing but 100% pure, unadulterated cannabis oils.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Avg. THC
Avg. CBD

Flavor Profile

sweet Sweet
sour Sour
earthy Earthy
Total Terpenes

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