CBD Harlequin Prerolls 4pk

By: Trail Blazin' Productions

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"Harlequin is a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain renowned for read more...its reliable expression of CBD. A descendant of Colombian Gold, a Nepali indica, and Thai and Swiss landrace strains, you can depend on Harlequin to provide clear-headed, alert sativa effects. Harlequin's high levels of CBD make this strain one of the most effective out there for treatment of [medical claims redacted], as CBD can counteract THC’s paranoia while amplifying its [medical claims redacted]. Flavors can range from earthy musk to sweet mango, but without a doubt, what draws crowds to Harlequin is its ability to relax without sedation and to relieve without intoxication."


Cannabinoid Analysis

Avg. THC
Avg. CBD

Flavor Profile

pine Pine
herbal Herbal
spicy Spicy
Total Terpenes

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