Cherry Limeade Cartridge

By: Mfused

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Strain Information:

Our most powerful vaping oil, this highly purified concent


rate packs a punch you feel instantly. Boasting the highest percentage THC with a superior flavor profile, potently note worthy.

Our exclusive distillation process retains the natural full plant profile including flavor & fragrance. After distillation we re-infuse terpenes, the unique natural flavor molecules found in cannabis, for a superior taste and immediate peak high.

• Full cannabinoid and terpene retention • 100% pure cannabis oil

Farm Information: MFUSED exists to improve and enhance everyday lives. Craftingread more...

the most innovative, highest quality, naturally effective products that stay true to the therapeutic power and free spirit of cannabis.

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Not too strong not too weak...just right. And its tasty too.

Published 4 months ago by Enrique

Published 3 months ago by mala

Published 3 months ago by Jacob

Published 2 months ago by David