Joy Sticks (Chill) Indica Pre-Rolls

By: Green Revolution

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"A revolutionary filtered joint using meticulously selecte

d strains blended together for the smoothest smoking experience. Made with the highest quality terpene rich flower placed inside hemp-based paper with a biodegradable wood grain high-flow filter, tipped with a touch of pure CO2 oil and kief, allowing for a slow consistent tasteful burn."


Farm Information: Formerly known as "Ethos"

Cannabinoid Analysis

Avg. THC
Avg. CBD

Flavor Profile

herbal Herbal
earthy Earthy
spicy Spicy
Total Terpenes

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The packaging is so impressive that I feel a need to review that as well. The box the 5 pre rolls come in is sturdy enough cardboard that they won't bend. It's a wide box, and once you open it you realize that's because they give you a full box of wood matches, in a slot that's the perfect size to hold a standard lighter if that's your preference. The joints are also in a sealed ziploc bag. This is the perfect pack to grab before heading off on an adventure.
The prerolls are the size and shape of a cigarette, rather than the standard tapered joint. It burns really evenly, with a cigarette like cherry that doesn't go out easily.
It's super smooth, I have throat problems which means I usually cough, but my throat wasn't irratted at all with these.

Published 4 months ago by Celest