Chocolatina PHö Wax

By: SKöRD Marijuana

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"Our approach to cultivation emphasizes the excellence, ad

aptability, and diversity of well-grown cannabis. The majority of our strains are selected in-house and are exclusive to SKöRD. We prize rigor in process and product above all things, always striving for perfection in our artisanal marijuana."

- iSkord

Some of the very highest quality concentrates available in the recreational cannabis market, these delicious PHO extractions are lovingly curated by the mad scientists at SKöRD.

Farm Information: We are cannabis purists, cultivating the best and cleanest prread more...oduct possible. Every decision we make is guided by this philosophy: from our growing methodology, to how we craft our concentrates, to why we hand trim. Our work is our art. And art is an achievement.

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