Citrus Tincture 5:1

By: Cedar Creek Cannabis

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Product Information: Non-GMO, Vegan, Broad Spectrum Ingredients: Pure MCT Oil, Coread more...

2 extracted Cannabis Oil, Natural Citrus Flavoring (organic citrus oil, organic alcohol, water). Contains: Coconut

Farm Information: Cedar Creek Cannabis is a pesticide free zone: By using beneread more...ficial bacteria and predatory bugs, we are able to create high-quality cannabis in a pesticide free environment giving you the most premium product possible. Renowned Genetics: Our flagship strains have true lineage dating back more than 30 years, giving you the purest genetics possible. Each one of our notorious strains is grown specifically to its needs, which provides the perfect environment for each variety. Produce & Process: The benefit to growing your own products for processing gives you the ability to ensure that every line of products is consistent, from the first batch to the last.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Avg. THC
3mg / SERV
Avg. CBD
17mg / SERV

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