Day Tripper Loud Cartridge

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"Day Tripper is a hybrid cannabis strain that managed to iread more...

nherit sativa-like effects from its indica-dominant family tree. A descendant of Sensi Star, Medicine Man, and Master Kush, Day Tripper is an unexpectedly lightweight hybrid that pairs well with active and creative hobbies. Its motivating effects come with a fresh, clean aroma and can be enjoyed morning, afternoon, and night."

Farm Information: Founded on the mantra, safe for the processor, safe for the pread more...atient, Xtracted worked closely with state and local officials to help form what ultimately became the rules for the adult recreational cannabis use market in Washington. Agencies such as the Department of Labor, the Department of Agriculture, the Liquor Board, all of the states Fire Marshals, as well as elected state officials were invited into their lab, which helped influence sensible regulation as it came into place. Xtracted Labs has always positioned itself as an industry leader through example. Original founder Ryan Abernathy has shared these experiences by serving on several state advisory panels, as a member of FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards) spoken on nation panels such as MJ Biz Con, The Cannabis Grand Crew, High Times Cups, as well as been a contributing author for Leafly, Dope Magazine and many local media outlets. By pioneering good practices and high standard early on, Xtracted Labs has established itself as an industry leader and maintained the position as a highly respected processor in one of the original legal markets in the country.

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floral Floral
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