Diesel Thai Gold Wax

By: Falcanna

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Strain Information:

These potent waxes are concentrated from the resinous, hi


gh quality flower cultivated by the genetics masters at Falcanna; proudly bringing some of the most flavorful, interesting genetics to market!

"Diesel Thai is a Sativa dominant hybrid. Though the exact ratio is unknown, her growth structure, flowering time, potency results, and analysis of the felt effect have led us to label her as 70% Sativa. Sweet smelling like sour candy, specifically like the cherry flavored sour powder in a FunDip candy pouch, our Diesel Thai has a thoughtful energetic sativa high. Lacking the anxious buzz of many sativas, the uplifting high of this hybrid includes a balancing mellowness. We were gifted a cutting of the Diesel Thai by a friendly old hippie living in the most remote reaches of the Olympic Peninsula, very near the Hoh Rainforest."

- Leafly.com
Farm Information: Falcanna has built a first class production facility from theread more...

ground up, and have carefully selected and trained the Falcanna Family - the best crew in recreational cannabis. From plant care and curing to packaging and online services, Falcanna strives to help each plant reach its genetic potential, and each bud to be cured to perfection so you can have a reliable and consistent experience.

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