Digestify Tincture


THC 6.67mg/SERV
CBD 5.73mg/SERV
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Strain Info:

The Digestify Tincture features a proven cannabinoid profiread more...le, predominantly non-psychoactive THCa and CBD, all-natural cannabis terpenes and a unique blend of high purity Essential Oils. These Essential Oils provide hundreds of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, many of which are naturally occurring in cannabis. This selection of Essential Oils is well known and backed by science to support your Gut-Brain connection. All combined with this powerful blend of Cannabis Oil and a special selection of cannabis terpenes, unleashes a non-psychoactive botanical entourage experience you will not find in any other product.

15 servings per bottle – 198mg active cannabinoids per bottle. 0.27mg THC / 5.7mg CBD / 7.2mg THCA per serving 4mg THC / 86mg CBD / 108mg THCA per bottle

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