Grapefruit Cartridge

By: Landrace Labs

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Strain Information:

These full spectrum CO2 cartridges are thick with terpenes


and rare cannabinoids for a maximized flavor profile and an experience as close to smoking the source flower as possible.

Top Terpenes: Caryophyllene Bisabolol Humulene
Farm Information: Our products are created with advanced technology, scientificread more...

accuracy, and a focus on the highest quality. We take pride in using the safest and cleanest methods possible to create our concentrates, the cornerstone of vertical integration in the cannabis industry. Landrace Labs strives to maintain respect and honesty, setting an example for our peers in the industry. We seek to advance science, change market perceptions, and improve the quality of life for customers through innovation and high-quality products.

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Published 7 months ago by Nicholas

Published 6 months ago by mala

#0 some% terps and 44% thc makes for a tasy and smoothe vape experience. I am using my new Reef Heliosphere magnetic unit and set it at the middle setting...oh boy! I am straight baked!

Published 6 months ago by John