CBD Aliens on Moonshine PAX Pod


THC 17-21%
CBD 35-36%
  • Heylo

  • Added to Bag

Strain Info:

High quality full spectrum CO2 extracted vape carts packedread more... with terpenes and rare cannabinoids to enhance flavor and feel with every draw on these awesome vapes.

""The effects of this Aliens on Moonshine oil are out of this world: calm, self assured, happy, ready to slay the day. The first wave is full of "ahhh" moments, like a blanket of good vibes just envelops your mind and your body releases tension. After that comes a crispy and clear headed productive energy that floats you along with no fogginess or sleepiness as effects wear off. It's absolutely perfect, the best product I've ever had the privilege of consuming in the cannabis industry. Hands down."


Flavor Profile:


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