Lemon Cookie Crunch

By: Calyx & Trichome Creations

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Fluffy, resin rich buds from Calyx and Trichome Production


s; this flower is sure to please anyone who is looking for a top shelf experience at middle shelf prices.


Pak Cittral x Lemon OG x Girl Scout Cookies

Farm Information: Calyx & Trichome is a small, family owned and operated tier 2read more...

Producer Processor based in Seattle, Washington. Our roots go back decades, steeped in the rich cultural evolution of cannabis. Through years of experience our growing techniques have been refined and improved to provide the highest quality, small-batch, hand crafted flowers from our limited 60-light garden. We utilize high performance hydroponic cultivation techniques augmented with an organic foliar regimen. Our method requires the highest attention to detail so it is not suited to large scale growing operations. In our garden we run a proprietary feeding schedule that is individually tailored to each strain in small batch runs. We seldom exceed 300PPM (parts per million) in our nutrient solutions, which allows us to easily achieve a complete flush prior to harvest. Thoroughly flushed flowers are free of residual fertilizer and mineral buildup, which translates to a pleasant, light bodied, and full flavored smoke

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Looks pretty, tastes delicious, burns a little slow in my tube, feels sticky, smells funky, high is not overbearing but certainly no lightweight.

Published 7 months ago by Kevin

Published 25 days ago by Reggie