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"M.O.A.B., also known as 'Mother of All Buds,' is a sativaread more...

dominant hybrid strain (80% sativa/20% indica) created through crossing the classic Hindu Kush X Blueberry X Blue Dream X Chem Dawg strains. This celebrity child brings on the potent high with a THC level that falls between 20-30% on average and a myriad of long-lasting effects. You'll feel a cerebral lift at the start of the high that fills you with a sense of tingly euphoria, erasing any negative or racing thoughts. This pure sense of happiness quickly turns stoney, leaving you hazy and unfocused as your mind soars higher and higher. A relaxing body high comes next, washing over you and dropping you into a state of couch-lock and slight sedation that won't affect your mental state."

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petrol Petrol
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