Pink Pineapple Express Pre-rolls

By: Ayra

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Some things that make Ayra so special:

Pure Resource

Management - Ayra uses less than 10% of the water of traditional grows and we use less than 50% of the power of other indoor grows. They think that growing cannabis should be responsible and sustainable.

Pure LED - All of their lighting is pure LED, optimized for the cultivation of cannabis. These super efficient lights deliver just the right spectrum for each plant with no wasted photons. This gives the plants just the light that they love and allows us to grow with precision for more potency and efficiency. No one likes wasted energy.

Pure Pest Management - they mitigate against pest contamination by controlling every aspect of their indoor grow environment -- lighting, temperature, humidity, and CO2. This total control results in a much lower risk of outside contamination, with no media and no outside air. Also, their growing methods disrupt the normal life cycle of indoor pests so they can never get established. Pest resistant design means no need for insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

Farm Information: We use aeroponics to mist the roots of our plants with a richread oxygenated mix of water and nutrients. Our system is a closed loop, using 90% less water than traditional grows. No pesticides, contaminants, or bad stuff, ever. By constantly monitoring the macro and micro nutrients of our plants, we make sure they get just the right mix to make them thrive. We expect our facility to yield 130 times more productivity per square foot than a traditional outdoor grow. All our plants are grown in the purest growing media of all -- air. This means they are not competing for nutrients, there is no risk of contamination, and that we can easily maintain an ideal growing environment. Our plant scientists constantly review, test, and optimize our growing system using predictive analytics to create a consistently high quality product. We also use monitoring and advanced controls to take away many of the risks of traditional growing.

Cannabinoid Analysis

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herbal Herbal
sweet Sweet
floral Floral
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