Animal Cookies Hash Preroll Jar 10pk

By: Seattle Bubble Works

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"Animal Cookies is the child of legendary strains GSC and read more...Fire OG. This clone-only strain flowers in 9-10 weeks and grows dense, frosty green buds tipped with purple. True to its name, Animal Cookies has a sweet, sour aroma with heavy full-body effects that will impress any veteran consumer. This potent medicine might be overkill for mild symptoms, but its ability to obliterate severe pain and insomnia is unprecedented."

-- Leafly

Cannabinoid Analysis

Avg. THC
Avg. CBD

Flavor Profile

herbal Herbal
sour Sour
spicy Spicy

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Smells really creamy and funky, but not as flavorful as it smells. Still pretty good, the cure was a bit dry; coughed a lot more than usual. The high was pretty good; I'd possibly get it again.

Published 26 days ago by Anna-Christina