Tattoo Butter 50:1

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Möbius® Tattoo Butter is a dedicated CB

D topical formulated to soothe your new tattoo quickly. Harnessing Nature’s deflammatory bounty, Möbius® Tattoo Butter combines seven skin-nourishing botanical butters and oils. Ask your budtender about Möbius® CBD Flyright topical patches for use in conjunction with Tattoo Butter. Together Tattoo Butter and Flyright enable more productive inking sessions, optimal skin health, and greater satisfaction with your new body art.


Farm Information: We wonder about improving daily lives with cannabis-based solread more...utions as science discovers a greater role for cannabis in human health and well-being. We wonder about how our unique insights, ideas, and skills can bring you more delight, relief, and regular enjoyment. We wonder about you because it always grounds us to individuals, singular people with specific needs. So as we continue to wonder, create, and produce, we invite you to discover your new cannabis self, your personal lifestyle fit and a new sense of well-being.

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