CBD 3:1 Trident PAX Pod

By: Leaf Werx

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Quality extracted CO2 Oil and distillate pods for you PAX read more...

Era device, filled by Leaf Werx!

"This rare strain is best known for its prized medicinal uses and very low-fi buzz, making it a gem for anyone who is need of a more holistic experience rather than a recreational high. Though the parentage is kept largely secret and the original breeders are under some debate, with some claiming it to be of unknown origins and others declaring it a product of PlantMaster Seeds out of the US, the uniquely stabilizing properties that Trident offers are hard to dispute.

THC levels come in at a surprisingly low range topping out at 6%, but what it lacks in THC Trident makes up for in its soaring CBD levels. Expect to see 12% on average with some tests peaking at 15%. As a result, these piney, earthy flavored buds will have you feeling tingles throughout your body without too much haze in the mind. The nugs are bright green with hints of gold and smell of tart pine and earth."

- Wikileaf.com

TOP TERPENES Caryophyllene Limonene Myrcene b-Pinene

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effective for relaxation and pain relief. different type of high

Published 8 days ago by Rudy