Vietnam Kashmiri Wax

By: Kiona

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"To many westerners, the regions from which this first-genread more...eration landrace hybrid is derived are associated with conflict. However, they are fertile regions with endearing cultures and long histories of producing world-renowned Cannabis products. This particular strain leans heavily towards its Vietnamese parentage, floral in odor/flavor and heavily foxtailed with an introspective, cerebral effect. Products like these are a rarity in the recreational Cannabis market and are meant for the minority of Cannabis users with exclusive tastes and an appreciation for the unique and exotic effect, floral beauty and odor/flavor that only the finest landrace collections provide."

-- Kiona

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floral Floral
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Amazing hit, high was on point as well. Gave a high that wasn’t too numbing and also made me kinda bubbly

Published 23 days ago by Avery