Blueberry Cheesecake

By: Dawg Star

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Strain Information:

"With a smell distinctly of blueberry cheesecake, this str


ain was bred from Blueberry and Cheese. Flowers are known to be lime green and dark violet in color with orange hairs and a large coat of crystals."

Farm Information: The cultivation of cannabis is an art form much like brewing read more...

the perfect beer or cup of coffee. When it comes to cannabis a few things stand out above the rest, environment, nutrients, genetics, and processing. Our facility was designed to have complete control over its internal environment. This allows us to create perfect growing conditions. We went through a 12 month process to bring you one of the few fully permitted and licensed grow facilities in the state.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Avg. THC
Avg. CBD

Flavor Profile

earthy Earthy
herbal Herbal
fruity Fruity
Total Terpenes

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