CBD 5:1 Companion Chicken Tincture


THC 0.03mg/SERV
CBD 0.19mg/SERV
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CBD 5:1 Companion Chicken Tincture

"Looking to de-stress, provide comfort and agility, or retread more...urn to youthful vigor? The Fairwinds Companion tincture is designed to do all this and more.*

Fairwinds believes in always providing the most effective products possible. Formulated using a 5:1 ratio that leverages the power of both CBD and THC, the Companion tincture has become a trusted, best-selling formula that provides effective results. Plus, with an all-natural smoky bacon flavor, the Companion CBD tincture tastes as good as it feels!

Fairwinds is proud to regularly support local animal rescue charities! *This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness."


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