Cement Shoes Pride Edition


THC 19%
CBD 0%
  • Lifted cement shoes

  • Added to Bag

Cement Shoes Pride Edition

This limited Pride Edition of Cement Shoes comes in a rainread more...bow jar, and a portion of proceeds from every unit sold will be donated to Rainbow Center in Tacoma.

"Cement Shoes is a strong indica marijuana strain made by crossing Animal Cookies with OGKB and Wet Dream. Much like the strain name suggests, Cement Shoes will make you feel like you're actually wearing shoes made of heavy cement. Cement Shoes is the ideal strain for smoking at night or during times when you don't have to leave the house - and for good reason. Cement Shoes is known for providing a full-body high that is sure to send you into an extended stay on the nearest sofa. The flavor of Cement Shoes is earthy and citrusy."

Flavor Profile:


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